Wrap around Bun updo Hairstyle

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Wrap around hair bun hairstyle

Here is the tutorial of making wrap around bun updo hairstyle for long and medium hair. This is the hairstyle that is cute, quick and easy high hair bun with a fancy twist. This no-tease high hair bun tutorial was requested numerous times since other hairstyle requires a lot of teasing. A big shout out goes to the channel Bebexo for doing this hairstyle tutorial.

Wrap around Hair bun Hairstyle for Long Medium Hair

Let’s get started to make this wrap around bun hairstyle for yourself:

  1. Brush your hair and make a high ponytail.
  2. Tie for once around the hair and then on the second loop, you just loop that out.
  3. Create a fan and make it as big as your bun wants to be.
  4. Twist the remaining hair around the hair and secure this with the help of the bobby pin.
  5. After completing to secure the remaining hair with the help of the pins, you just need to spread the hair.
  6. Pin the ends of the bun with the help of the bobby pins.
  7. Use any accessories that you want to decorate the hair.
  8. You will finally get the easiest hairstyles- wrap around hair bun updo hairstyle.

This hairstyle does not even require more than two minutes. Simply you need to tie the hair and then make the loop so that you can get the bun. This hairstyle can be done in the long straight hair and even in the curly hair.

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