Wedding Hairstyles for Medium Long Hair

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Wedding hairstyle for medium hair

The day of marriage is always special for everyone. It is because the day brings new relationship and new way of living with the loved ones. Here, the wedding hairstyle will also help to add the glory to this day.  Normally the hairstyle is ideal for medium long hair. This video tutorial is brought to you by Youtube channel womenbeauty1.

Let’s get started to get yourself this beautiful wedding hairstyle updo:

  1. Separate the side of the hair
  2. Start teasing from the crown part of the hair so that you can give the volume to this part.
  3. After reaching to more than half part, you will stop teasing.
  4. Use the hairspray so that your teasing will stay for a long time.
  5. Now make the crown part even, combing the hair and making it smooth.
  6. Take a section up to where we have teased.
  7. Then take two sides of the hair and secure this with bobby pin.
  8. You should criss-cross the sides of hair and twist the hair before you secure this with the pin.
  9. Now work on the remaining part of the hair.
  10. Bring this section upwards by twisting it.
  11. You need to secure the side with the base hair.
  12. You may need several of the bobby pins to fix the hair.
  13. Now use a medium side puffing thing. You need to use this to give the volume on the back of the hair.
  14. Gently comb the hair and make it even.
  15. Cover the hair with the help of the bobby pins.
  16. Now start working on the sides of the hair.
  17. You can make a braid. You can do  it a regular three braids or you can do the four braids.
  18. When you reach to the end part of the hair you will need to secure this with the elastic band.
  19. Now work on the hair side on the right part.
  20. Take a small section of the hair and divide it into two parts.
  21. Then bring small strand from the right and cross it over the left one.
  22. Now add another section from the right and cross it over the remaining hair on the left one.
  23. Bring another section of the hair from the left and continue this pattern.
  24. Once you run out of the hair, you will take out the elastic band that you fix on the left braid made.
  25. Bring the left braid around the back part of the hair and do the same with the right part of the hair as well.
  26. Do this in the opposite direction and secure the end of the braid underneath the back part of the hair.
  27. Now you will get the final look of the wedding hairstyle that is ideal for the medium long hair.
  28. Use the bobby pin to secure the braids coming from both sides of the hair.
  29. Your wedding hairstyle is ready.

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