How to make Waterfall Braid hairstyle step by step

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Waterfall Braid Hairstyle

Every girl wants to look elegant with their simple hair dos. Make ups and dressing patterns too make difference but the hair dos will enhance the beauty in women. Various patterns can be made but they need some tutorials.

Here is the video that contemplates on simple but elegant hair updo. Waterfall Braid tutorial is one of the easiest methods of looking elegant. You can carry this hair updo for the party and even for any functions. It carries very well. This is the modified version of the French braid technique. This Waterfall braid hairstyle tutorial is brought to you by Youtube Channel Become Gorgeous.

The video includes the step by step process of making waterfall braid to become gorgeous.

  1. Start by creating deep side parting and brush out all the knots.
  2. Divide the part into three equal braids.
  3. Now begin the braiding system. Bring the left strand over the right one.
  4. Bring the right strand down the middle of the braid.
  5. Repeating placing the left section on the middle and then pick up the new strand on the right and move this over the center.
  6. The cascading waterfall pattern can be seen once you get the pattern.
  7. Repeat this move until you don’t reach to the back of the hair.
  8. Then secure your hair with the elastic hair band.
  9. The waterfall braid is ready.

This is the simple and easiest form of making the braid but there are different ways of giving the finished look to the braid. In the video, we have just made the waterfall look at the right part of the head. Follow these tutorials to have the gorgeous look with the beautiful braids. Keep visiting us for more and more hairstyle tutorials. You can also share this awesome waterfall braid hairstyle with your friends in social medias.

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