Voluminous Ponytail Hairstyle

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Voluminous Ponytail

In this hairstyle tutorial, you will learn how to create voluminous ponytail hair tutorial. It is easy to create the illusion of a thick and full ponytail even if you have thin hair! You can make this voluminous ponytail as sleek and straight or as textured and “messy” as you want with the help of tutorial. In this hair tutorial, we have semi teased on the curled hair. You will need Hairspray, Bobby pins, Teasing comb and Hair elastic.

Voluminous Ponytail Hair Tutorial

Video by: LeSassafras (YouTube)

Let’s get started to create yourself this hairstyle:

  1. Curl your hair if it is not curled.
  2. Take small section of hair to curl your hair.
  3. After completing curling your hair, you need to tease hair from the crown area.
  4. Take some part of hair on the back where you just teased.
  5. Tie this with the elastic band.
  6. Make a pony tail securing this part on the top.
  7. You will again make another ponytail with the remaining hair.
  8. Now don’t forget to tease the ponytail to create volume of the ponytail.
  9. Get some bobby pins and secure this to hide your lower ponytail.
  10. Finally your hairstyle is ready.

This hairstyle is best for the long and medium long hair. You just need to make two ponytails. The first you need to make on the height and next is to make on the lower part. Once you are done, you will need to tease the hair. This hairstyle contains a lot of teasing to increase your volume. The hair volume increases once you tease the ponytails. don’t forget to secure the bobby pins to cover your lower ponytail.


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