Twisted Side Swept Hairstyle

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Twisted Side Swept Hairstyle

In this hair tutorial, you will learn how to create the twisted side swept hairstyle. Twisted side swept hairstyle is easy to do and it is best for the medium long hair. You can achieve this hairstyle for any occasion, including parties or even formal occasions. This tutorial will show you how to create a twisted side swept hairstyle. You can achieve this hairstyle in medium long hair. This hairstyle goes superb with the curled hair so if your hair is not curly, then you will need to curl your hair.

Twisted Side Swept Hairstyle Tutorial

Video by: Bebexo (YouTube)

Let’s get started and create this beautiful Twisted side swept hairstyle:

  1. Use the heat protectant spray on your hair.
  2. You need to brush your hair to distribute the product.
  3. Then you need to simply iron your hair using the hair curling rod.
  4. Separate the section of hair and then start rolling your hair using the curling rod.
  5. Take a section of hair and then start twisting the hair.
  6. When you are twisting your hair, you will have to twist the hair downwards.
  7. Continue the same process. You can make at least five strands of hair and twist them.
  8. Once you complete the twisting, you need to secure the strand using bobby pin.
  9. You will get a wonderful twisted hair on the left side once you are done.
  10. Use some hair spray to settle the flyaways.
  11. Finally the twisted side swept hairstyle is ready.

Here we have used the NuMe Lustrum Curling Wand to make the hair curly.  This hair style will not need  a lot of time as it is so simple.

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