Crown Twist Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

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Crown Twist Braid hairstyle
The crown twist braid hairstyle is simply gorgeous and will remain you totally amazed. It is because the hairstyle is simple to do and easy to learn as well. Within minutes you will be able to get yourself a crown twist braid hairstyle. Shout out goes to Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyles for making this video tutorial.

Following are the steps to get the crown twist braid hairstyle.
1. Take a section right from the ear and divide it into two pieces.
2. Now do the rope twist and to do the rope twist, you just need to twist the both pieces to the right and then cross them to the left.
3. Give a twist to the right and then cross it to the left
4. Continue doing this and you can see a pattern until you reach the ear side.
5. Keep going. Twist it to the right and cross it to the left.
6. When you reach to the end of the side, you just need to make little tight to the twist. Now after doing it to the end of the hair, you just need to secure with the elastic band.
7. Use the bobby pin to secure the hair right behind the first twist.
8. Tuck underneath the twisted hair and use the bobby pin if you want to make the hair secured.
9. Pull the twisted hair slightly so that it creates visual affect.
10. You can also place the end of the hair underneath the twisted hair. If you don’t want, then you just can secure bobby pin right at the first twisted hair.
11. Finally the twisted braid hairstyle is ready.

This is the hairstyle that is simple and too much elegant. It is because this hairstyle does not need much effort. You just need to twist the hair right and cross it to the left. This hairstyle can be best for any outings or it is the best hairstyles even for festive.

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