Tutorial for Hair Bow Hairstyle for Short and Long Hair

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hair bow for short and long hair

Hairstyle helps to enhance the beauty as well as the personality. The video has focused on the hair bow style that will look elegant for both long and short hair.

The video presents the steps to get half hair bow styles. The half hair bow style is ideal for short hair. Select the hair band color that suits you. This video tutorial is brought to you by Youtube Channel Bebexo.

  1. Divide the hair in half.
  2. Then push your hair to one side.
  3. Tie your hair with the hair band
  4. On the second tie, you don’t need to bring all the hair to make the third tie. Rather tie in such way that you can get a round ball.
  5. Now bring the rest of hair back to the hair.
  6. Keep them at the side.
  7. Pick the hair on the other side.
  8. Twist the hair band and bring the rest of hair, making another tie.
  9. A shape of bow can be noticed.
  10. Manage the rest of hair holding them back.
  11. Now take a bobby pin and use it to tie the bow made on each side. It will help the bow attached to the hair.
  12. You can select the color of hair band or tie. As per the tutorial, you can use black hair bow that will help to match with the hair color.
  13. Grab hair spray to attach the baby hair and you will get a beautiful half hair bow on your head.

The following tutorial will help to make hair bow on your hair. But this is the tutorial that is best for the long hair. Here, we are making a big bow.

  1. Grab the whole hair and tie with the help of hair band. (You can take black hair tie.)
  2. From behind, bring a good volume of hair so that you can make hair bow.
  3. Pin the rest of hair (tail part).
  4. Bring rest of the hair and use it to divide the big bow made.
  5. Pin tail part on the back.
  6. Now pin the bow so that it get secured with the hair.
  7. Tuck the tail part if it is remaining.
  8. Give a good amount of hair spray so that no hair would come out.
  9. The big hair bow ideal for the long hair is complete.

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