Triple Knot Accents Hairstyle

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Triple Knot Accents hairstyle

Hey girls, today we are back with another cute hairstyle for short hair. This hairstyle is called Triple Knot Accent hairstyle. Triple knot Accent hairstyle is great for short hair which is also perfect for both long and medium hairstyles. This hairstyle is best for the braids, buns, ponytails, twists and others too.

Triple Knot Accents Hairstyle Tutorial

Video by : Cute Girls Hairstyles(Youtube)

Let’s get started and get yourself this beautiful Triple Knot Accent hairstyle:

  1. Part your hair on either side of hair.
  2. Take a small piece of hair on the top and pull back little bit.
  3. You are now literally tying your hair.
  4. Pull the hair and take a round and pull the strand through the hole.
  5. When you get the knotted part, just pull your hair and take a bobby pin.
  6. Secure this strand with the bobby pin.
  7. If you are done with the first strand of hair, you need to do the same in the second strand of hair.
  8. Take a second piece.
  9. Wrap it around and then tie a knot again.
  10. Take a bobby pin and secure this with the bobby pin.
  11. Take another piece and then do the same with the other strand too.
  12. Tie the third knot with the bobby pin.
  13. After completing to make knots, you will need to conceal the strands from where you made the knots. Cover with some strands of hair.
  14. Finally the Triple Knot Accents for the short hair is ready.

You can simply leave hair as it is. If you want to secure the hair, then you can make a bun or create any new hairstyle based on the Triple knot accents for the short hair. If you have long or medium long hair, then also you can achieve this hairstyle.

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