Triple Heart Hairstyles for Teens

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Triple Heart Hearstyle

Hairstyle can be created on the basis of various moods or the occasions. In the present tutorial, we are learning how to make Triple Heart Hairstyles for Teens. This can be a cute heart hairdo for teens and little girls. As the hairstyle contains three big love shapes, this is the hairstyle that is perfect or the Valentines’ Day. Thanks a lot to Princess Hairstyles (Youtube Channel) for doing this hairstyle tutorial.

Let’s begin the process to create this beautiful Triple Heart Hairstyles:

1. To begin with the hairstyle, make three sections of the hair on the top. They are rectangular in shape. Make small ponytails and tie with the help of the elastic band. Similarly you will also need to make three small pony tails underneath the rectangular ones. These sections are square in shape.
2. Now you can work on the first pony tail made in the rectangular section of the hair.
3. You can use your fingers or top detail if you have. You need to insert in between each pony and then just flipped all the ponytails.
4. You should loosen the ponytails while flipping the hair.
5. Take each of the strands and start twisting.
6. Twist each of the strands in the opposite direction so that they become tighter. Do this in upwards direction.
7. Then you can simply bring down the twisting.
8. Tie the strand down with the ponytails made in the square section.
9. Do this in all three ponytails.
10. After completing this you will get some shapes. Pull the hair and try to give the shape of heart.
11. You need to do this in the wet hair or if you want, you can apply gel to make your hair damp.
12. Finally you will get the gorgeous heart shaped hairstyles on the top.
13. Triple Heart Hairstyle is complete.

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