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Summer Hairstyle for Men

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Summer Hairstyle for men

In this hairstyle tutorial, we will teach you how to make a short quaff summer hairstyle for men. This hairstyle is completely fresh for summer season. Especially for the boys, the haircut will help to bring new hairstyle which is totally versatile. This hairstyle can be worn in many styles including quaff, pomp, slickback or fringe.

Short Quiff Summer Hairstyle for Men

Video by: GentleHair (YouTube)

Let’s get started and get yourself this hairstyle:

  1. Part your hair from both sides.
  2. Then start working on the crown part of the hair.
  3. Trim the hair.
  4. Put some gel and your hair is done.

To get this hairstyle, you will have to note some measurements. Top: 3cm (1.2in) in back and 7-8cm (3in) in front Sides and back: from 1mm to 6mm and faded with scissors.  One side is completely disconnected, other is a bit faded into top for more comfortable for styling with other styles. We also shaved in side part in disconnected side. The products used for styling are Vilain Sidekick pre-styling spray and Hanz de Fuko Sponge Wax. This hairstyle is presented by Gentle Hair. It is the community of people who are interested in men’s styling. The project is actually about developing your style by yourself. It includes hairstyling, cutting your own hair, fashion trends and style in general.

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