How To Style Naturally Wavy or Curly Hair

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Naturally Wavy or Curly Hair

Do you like Curly Hairs ? Well today we have a video tutorial on how to get yourself Wavy or Curly hair naturally. If your hair is poofy and fluffy when brushed out, you probably have wavy and curly hair. So this hairstyle is especially ideal for the girls who have medium long hair with waves and curls.

Get Wavy or Curly Hair Naturally Tutorial

Video by: Make my day and subscribe! (YouTube)

Let’s get started to create wavy or curly hair naturally:

  1. Begin with wet hair and then use the rat comb to separate the part.
  2. You are using the rat comb to part your hair and comb the half way back to have more volume.
  3. Now use the product to hold curls together.
  4. We are using Bed head Manipulator and we should even distribute this product.
  5. It is important to use a diffuser.
  6. Blow dry with hair flipped down.
  7. Crunch your hair into the diffuser.
  8. Now you will look like of 80s. But you need to work on the hair now to look naturally elegant.
  9. Secure the front part of hair and twist anything else.
  10. You are done now. You will get the hairstyle on the hair or curly hair.

This hair style is for naturally curled or wavy hairstyle. This hairstyle looks nice and especially cute for outing. We have used the materials like rat tail comb: Blowdryer with a diffuser, any hair product to hold your curls together (We have used “Bed Head Manipulator” for curling the hair together).


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