Side Swept Waterfall Twist Hairstyle

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Side Swept Waterfall twist

Today we have another waterfall hairstyle tutorial for you for long hair. In this tutorial we are making how to do side swept waterfall twist hairstyle. It is the perfect hairstyle for the holidays or also for any occasions.

Side Swept Waterfall Twist Hairstyle Tutorial

Video by: Bebexo (YouTube)

  1. Use the heat protectant to save the hair.
  2. Brush it out to distribute the product. And allow it to dry for few minutes.
  3. To get rid of frizz, you can use iron so that you can even flatten your hair and treat the flyways.
  4. Take some strand of the hair close to your face.
  5. Then divide it into two parts. And continue to cross over the top.
  6. Pick another strand and add it in between the two strands.
  7. Now cross the two strands over the new strand by taking the bottom strand over the new strand.
  8. Now take the top strand and then keep it to the middle strand.
  9. Place the strand and keep it right to your mouth so that you can skip it getting to your way.
  10. Take new strand from the left and place it to the middle strand and then cross the bottom strand over and then cross the top.
  11. New strand then goes into the mouth again.
  12. Pick up new section of the hair and then place it between the two strands and take the bottom strand and cross it over.
  13. Cross the top and over the bottom.
  14. You can continue doing this.
  15. You should end your hair towards the neck.
  16. You can complete your hairstyle here.
  17. If you want to add style, you can roll the hair.
  18. Finally the Side Swept waterfall twist hairstyle is ready.

Try it out and enjoy looking gorgeous!


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