Short Hairstyles for Women

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Short Hairstyles and Haircuts

Long hair, undoubtedly has always been popular among women of all ages, but right now, short hairstyles are making it to the top. Though long hairstyles can make a woman look and feel ultra feminine, short haircuts take the cake when it comes to versatility and ease of maintenance. Short hairstyles are simply perfect for the woman on the go because nothing much is required in terms of styling and maintenance. In some styles, you won’t even need a hair brush, your fingers will do the trick and make you ready to go! Another amazing thing about these hairstyles is that they make you look youthful and can be carried well on any occasion. A short haired woman can look as gorgeous at a picnic as she can for a formal evening and the effort that needs to be put in is absolutely minimalistic. This is the reason why you find most of the women preferring to go under the scissors these days. Stylists have come up with extensive variety in short hairstyles for women and some of these short hair styles are becoming global rage. Thinking this on mind we have presented a grand list of different short hairstyles for women with short hair today.

Here are some of the best and most popular short hairstyles for women:

The Stylish Pixie Hair Cut

Stylish Pixie Cut


For a woman who is not so keen on everyday maintenance for her hair, yet wants a perfectly stunning look, the stylish pixie cut will do the trick. Women with long and slim faces look best in this hairstyle and it works wonderfully on fine hair. When it comes to styling, all you need to do is blow dry the style to set it, with a paddle brush or even your fingers. It provides a perfect face framing look that can make you appear years younger than your age.

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