Rainbow Braid Hairstyle

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Rainbow Braid Hairstyle

Hello girls, today we are back with another hairstyle tutorial. This is Rainbow Braid hairstyle which can be obtained using hair chalk. This hair tutorial will show you how to color your hair using Splat Hair Chalk. These chalks come in seven pastel colors: Silver Moon (blue), Midnight Blue (navy), Mint Candy (mint), Violet Sky (purple), Dusty Rose (pink), Sun Kissed (yellow), and Sugar Plum (fuchsia).

Rainbow Braid Hairstyle Tutorial Step by Step

Video by: Bebexo (YouTube)

Step by step tutorial for making Rainbow Braid hairstyle:

  1. Grab a large section of hair above the ear.
  2. And use splat chalk in the hair. You don’t need to wet your hair. It works in dry hair as well.
  3. For the second hair, we are using another color.
  4. Continue using the colors and make sure these colors last for long.
  5. Now make a three strand regular braiding.
  6. Take the three strands and make a regular braiding.
  7. Keep the first section of the hair over the middle one and then place the third strand to the middle one.
  8. Continue doing this and bring to the other side.
  9. Now conceal the braid using the bobby pins.
  10. Finally the Rainbow Braid hairstyle is ready.

This is one of the easiest hair do that looks elegant as well as it is ideal to carry for any occasion. It is best for any length of hair.

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