Quick Korean School Hairstyles

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Quick and Easy Korean School Hairstyles

Hey girls, today we are back with a bunch of five hairstyle tutorials for you. This hairstyle tutorial includes five quick Korean school hairstyles. These are perfect hairstyles for the schools. The hairstyle will also give you some features of Korean hairstyles.

Quick and Easy School Hairstyles for girls Tutorial

Video by: kimdao (YouTube)

The first hairstyle (The headband) includes following tutorial.

  1. To make the headband hairstyle, you will need to take a little section of hair underneath the top level.
  2. Part this section into three strands.
  3. Start braiding your hair. You are making a normal headband.
  4. When you are braiding, don’t forget to make the braiding in upward direction.
  5. Bring this braid if you are done to the other part of hair.
  6. Secure this hair strand with bobby pin and cover this hair strand with hair on the other side.
  7. Now you need to do the same in the other side too.
  8. Take some section and then make a regular three strand braid.
  9. Bring this braid to the next side of hair.
  10. Then bobby pin this as well on the next side.
  11. Once you are done, you will get the first hairstyle.

The second hairstyle (Side Ponytail) includes:

  1. Bring all the hair to one side.
  2. Separate the hair into two parts.
  3. Then tie your hair (first part) with elastic band.
  4. Bring the second part over the first pony tail you made before.
  5. Then wrap second part as if you are hiding the elastic band.
  6. Secure this part with the help of bobby pin.
  7. You can curl your hair as well.
  8. Finally the side ponytail is ready.

The third hairstyle (pigtails) includes

  1. Divide the hair into two parts.
  2. Then take small section of hair and then braid it.
  3. Do this in another section of hair.
  4. You are making a regular three strand braid.
  5. When you complete to make three strands braid in three different places, you need to secure this part with the help of elastic band.
  6. Do this in the other part.
  7. You can use the bow pin to accessorize this hairstyle.
  8. Don’t forget to take out the elastic bands you secured in each of the strands.
  9. Finally you will get the pigtails hairstyle.

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