Quick and Easy School Hairstyle

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 1 Minute back to school hairstyles for medium long hair

Hey school girls, are you looking for some quick and easy hairstyle that you can make yourself in few minutes ? Well today we have a video tutorial by Bebexo with some quick school hairstyles for medium long hairs. This hairstyle is inspired from back to school hairstyles for medium long hair. These hairstyles take not more than a minute to do.

Let’s get started and get yourself some quick hairstyles:

  1. Take a strand of hair and grab around your index finger and your thumb. Then loop it through and again grab some hair.
  2. When you reach to the end, secure the hair with the bobby pin and then your first 1 minute back to school hairstyle is ready.
  3. To create the side ponytail hairstyle, you need to separate the section from the side into two parts.
  4. Then you need to just twist one after another. After doing so, you need to add some hair to one of the strand and add it to the twisting braid. Now you need to secure the hair with the help of the elastic band.
  5. Side ponytail hairstyle is ready.
  6. Half up and half down hairstyle includes simple and easy hairstyle. Take some strands from either side of the hair and tie it twice.
  7. Now secure this with the help of bobby pins.
  8. Half up and half down hairstyle is ready.

The tutorial has helped you to go back to the school days and recreate the same hairstyle in a different way. However, these hairstyle includes three ways of creating the minute back to the school hairstyles.

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