Prom Wedding Hairstyle Tutorial

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Prom Wedding hairstyle

Well today we present you the hairstyle which is a perfect prom, wedding, best for even valentines’ day. This hairstyle is best for wedding and valentines’ day including any other occasions. You can get this hairstyle for a romantic first date, for prom, homecoming, graduation party, ball, stylish reception, wedding guests and all kind of special occasions and evening events. For doing this hairstyle we first make half updo with curls and bump or poof with hidden pins. This video tutorial is presented by Lilith Moon on Youtube.

Let’s get started and get yourself this awesome hairstyle:

  1. First you need to make half updo with curls and bump or poof with hidden pins.
  2. To start doing so, you need to tease your hair without damaging it, always start with brushed out tangle-free hair.
  3. Be gentle when you tease it and also when you remove teasing afterwards.
  4. Smooth out the surface by gently gliding on top of it without brushing the hair through.
  5. Now you can push the hair. Find the flattering position to secure the poof.
  6. Then secure your poof using bobby pin.
  7. First gently twist the hair you hold.
  8. Then you need to catch some hair from the twisted edge of the proof with a bobby pin reverse it in the opposite direction and push it under the poof.
  9. Now you will get a lovely poof that is the base for the prom wedding Valentine’s Day hairstyle for long hair.
  10. You are now beginning to work on the prom wedding Valentine’s Day hairstyle as the base for this hairstyle is already made.
  11. Take some strand on the left side of the head.
  12. You are now making a twist in this section twice in the clockwise direction.
  13. Add some hair to the bottom strand once more and carefully twist your sections clockwise.
  14. Keep on adding extra hair to the bottom section as you twist the two sections.
  15. Try to grab section of similar size so that your twist is well balanced and proportional.
  16. To create a rope braid, twist each of the two sections in the same direction (away from your face) and at the same time twist the two sections around each other in the opposite direction (toward your face).
  17. You can also use some accessories like flowers.
  18. Finally prom wedding Valentine’s Day hairstyle for long hair is ready.

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