Prom Wedding Bridal Updo Hairstyle

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Prom Wedding Bridal hairstyle

Here we a typical and beautiful prom wedding bridal updo hairstyle just for you. This elegant and stylish hair tutorial will help you to create prom wedding bridal updo. This is quick and easy hairstyle that is suitable for you for everyday. It works best on the straight hair and also in the medium length hair. It is ideal for any kinds of occasion i.e. for party, or even for a night out and also for going out for meeting friends.

A big shout out to the Youtuber Lilith Moon for doing this hairstyle tutorial.

Following are the steps to follow.
1. Take a section of hair and divide it in two equal parts.
2. Twist them around each other all way down to the ends. You should twist them loosely.
3. Grab a tiny strand of hair from one of the two sections and holding it still, pull the remaining hair up toward the base of the ponytail.
4. Do it very gently without applying any real pressure to the hair that you pull.
5. Rearrange this section giving it a nice round shape and pin it in place from the inside.
6. Pin any shorter layers or sticking out strands.
7. Repeat the same steps with the remaining 2 sections, or use more sections for more detailed look.
8. Secure all the strands with the help of the bobby pins.
9. You can also use accessories.
10. Finally the prom wedding bridal updo hairstyle is ready.

You can carry this hairstyle anywhere. You can carry this hairstyle in the universities or even in the parties.

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