Prom updo Hairstyle

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 Prom UPDO Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, you will learn how to make the Prom updo hairstyle for wedding. To begin with this hairstyle, you need to curl your hair. Use the rolling rods and then set it for some hours. Then pin them down. Don’t forget to separate some hair on the crown.

Easy Wedding Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Video by: MakeupWearables Hairstyles (YouTube)

  1. Separate the side hair and then work on the back part.
  2. Split the hair into two parts and then roll one part with the help of fingers.
  3. Then roll the tail part of the hair and secure this part with the help of bobby pin.
  4. Do the same in all parts until you run out of your hair.
  5. Now undo the part you divided on the top part.
  6. Use the heat protectant and then use the hair curling rod.
  7. Take some part and continue to make the hair curl.
  8. Now incorporate this with the bun you made before.
  9. To secure the curled part with the help of bobby pin.
  10. You can also use some hair extension so that you can make the Dutch hair style on the side.
  11. Take the top strand from the top side and then take the bottom strand from the bottom side. Add this with the middle.
  12. Then bring this braid to the bun and pin it with the bun.
  13. Finally you will get the Prom updo hairstyle for wedding.

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