Prom Bridal Wedding Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair

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Prom bridal wedding hair style

This is a cute and easy hair tutorial on two beautiful hairstyles for medium shoulder-length or long hair. This tutorial is also great for straight, wavy, curly, thin, or thick hair. The first hairstyle is an elegant hairdo with a braided headband and curls that you can wear as a side ponytail – this is the “princess” look. The second hairstyle is a simple updo with twists and braids, and it gives off a mature sophisticated look – this is a “queen” look. Both of these hairstyles are perfect for school dances such as Homecoming or Prom, birthday parties, bridal events, weddings, dinner dates, or any other special occasions. This hairstyle tutorial is done by Youtube user x3Haha.

Let’s get started and create this beautiful hairstyle for yourself:

  1. Divide the two sections in each side of the side.
  2. Now take some section on the crown of the hair and then start braiding from one direction to another, taking a smaller section of hair.
  3. Once you are done, secure the braid with the help of bobby pins.
  4. After securing the braid, you have to work on the remaining hair.
  5. Start braiding fishtail.
  6. Take some section of braid and then bring to the other side.
  7. Then secure the braid with the help of elastic band.
  8. Make the hole and flip the pony tail into the hole.
  9. Now use the heat protectant and then start curling the remaining hair.
  10. Secure the hair with the bobby pins and bring back.
  11. You can accessorize the hairstyle using various hair pins.
  12. If you want to transform this hairstyle, you can do hair up-do.
  13. Take the remaining hair and split it into two parts.
  14. Then start rolling it together.
  15. Continue to roll into the back side.
  16. Then tuck into the fishtail braid you’ve made earlier.
  17. Finally Prom Bridal Wedding hairstyle for medium hair is ready.

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