Pony Hawk Hairstyle Tutorial

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Pony Hawk hairstyles

Today we have a unique hairstyle tutorial for you. This is a short hairstyle which is called Pony Hawk Hairstyle. This is the tutorial that will help you to create the Pony Hawk hairstyle. This hairstyle carries well with the curly hair. A big shout out to the Youtube user TheChicNatural for doing this awesome Pony Hawk hairstyle tutorial. For all of you who have got short hair you can definitely give this hairstyle a try.

Step by Step Tutorial for Pony Hawk Hairstyle

Let’s get started to create yourself a Pony Hawk Hairstyle:

  1. Use some moisturizer to manage your hair.
  2. Now make segment the hair right from the side of the ear.
  3. You need to segment the hair from one direction to another, creating a fine straight separation.
  4. You can take help of the tail comb that has pointed end.
  5. Now secure the hair on your back with the help of elastic band and work on the front part of the hair that you just sectioned.
  6. Section your hair in the first part.
  7. You can use the butter cream hydrator and brush it in the hair. It will help to make your hair smooth.
  8. Section some strand of hair and tie with elastic band.
  9. After making the section into four parts, use some cream gel and then roll every part of the hair that you parted.
  10. Once you are done, you will set it under the air dryer for an hour.
  11. Take out all the rolling rods and separate the curls. Use some oil so that you can make small curls.
  12. It will make your curls glossy. Take the wide comb and then comb it so that you can lift the hair.
  13. Finally the Pony Hawk is ready.

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