Pinwheel Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

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Pinwheel Bun Hairstyle

Today here we have a typically different hairstyles then our regular posts. It’s Pinwheel bun hairstyle tutorial. This hairstyle tutorial is released by Youtube Channel Princess Hairstyles. In the video you can watch how to create a cute bun for dance, gymnastics and even for ballet. Hope you will enjoy creating yourself a pinwheel bun hairstyle after watching this step by step tutorial.

To begin with you will need a sock. You can easily buy the sock or you can make it at home.

  1. To make a sock, you need to have a thick sock. You also need to focus on the color of the sock. Better will be the black color because it will match with your hair color.
  2. At this point you just need a pair of scissors and then cut the tip of the sock.
  3. Now your sock has got two holes. Flip the sock into the other side. Keep rolling the sock until you get the dough nut shape.
  4. Now make a pony tail and use this sock bun to cover the elastic band that you used to tie the pony tail.
  5. Make sure that your hair is damp or you can gently use gel to wet your hair.
  6. Now take small section of the hair and then start twisting it.
  7. Now you simply bring the hair over the top of the bun maker and then out through the middle.
  8. Wrap around the edges of the bun maker.
  9. Add some hair to the twisted hair and simply twist the hair adding hair.
  10. Wrap this round to the bun maker.
  11. You need to be sure that the twisted wrappings should be made closer.
  12. Take a very small strand while wrapping to the bun.
  13. Continue this until you don’t run out of the hair.
  14. Once you reach to the final wrapping, you need to fix the strand on the bun maker by just rolling it to the bun.
  15. After you reach to the tail part you need to roll it around the bun so that the hair cannot be seen.
  16. Finally the Pinwheel bun hairstyle is ready.

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