3 Party Hairstyles for Long Hair

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Party Hairstyles

Hey girls, here we are back with some party hairstyles specially for long hairs. This compilation includes three party hairstyles for the girls with long or medium long hair. These hairstyles are cute and easy to recreate. For this, you will need to use hair extension but this is optional here. If you have a long hair then you will not need to add the hair extension.

Video by: Luxy Hair (YouTube)

The first hairstyle intended for the party is accessorized with the head band.

  1. Split your hair right in the middle.
  2. Take some part on the crown area and start teasing. ‘
  3. Take some hair on the side and tease this.
  4. Now you will comb the hair and smooth the surface.
  5. Take head band and then take some hair from the side of hair and secure this part with the help of bobby pin.
  6. You need to bring the hair as if you are using this part for covering the head band.
  7. Now lift the poof with the help of poofer.
  8. Finally you will get the first hairstyle.

For the second hairstyle, you will need hair pin.

  1. Take some strand of hair and then you will use hair wax.
  2. You can also use hair spray.
  3. You will need to secure this hair with the help of bobby pins.
  4. Now you need to use the hair pin.
  5. Now the second hairstyle is ready.

The third hairstyle is accessorized with gold bow.

  1. Take some section from the left side of the hair.
  2. Divide this hair and then twist this part with each other.
  3. Do this on the other side of your hair.
  4. Now take these braids together and then secure this part with the help of gold bow.
  5. The final hairstyle is ready.

You can do these hairstyles even if you have no time to do. It is because you will take some minutes to do. Finally you will get these hairstyles if you want to look elegant following simple hair tutorial.

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