One Minute Ponytails

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One Minute Polytails

Hello girls, today we have 3 hairstyles which are fast and easy for young girls. In this hairstyle tutorial, you will learn how to create one minute ponytails for the school girls. If you want to have more quick and easy hairstyles for medium or long hair, then this hairstyle will be useful for you. This is a ponytail edition, featuring 3 cute ponytails that you can do in 1 minute. The first is a playful perky high ponytail that is perfect for summer. The second is a sophisticated low ponytail that you can wear for work or an interview. The third is a twisted ponytail that is great for nearly all occasions. This tutorial contains three different hairstyle tutorials.

Quick 1 Minute Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial

Video by: x3Haha (YouTube)

The first hairstyle is super simple. All you need is big hair clip.

  1. Gather all your hair up after brushing your hair.
  2. Put your fingers on the top and then twist the hair from couple of times.
  3. Then secure the hair clip right in the middle of hair.
  4. Now spread your hair like waterfall once
  5. It’s done in just one minute.

The second hairstyle includes following tutorial:

  1. Divide the hair into three different parts.
  2. Then secure one of the sections into low ponytail.
  3. Bring one section of hair by twisting it to the back.
  4. Bring this part to down of ponytail.
  5. Do the same for the other part.
  6. Secure the strands with the help of bobby pins.
  7. Finally your second hairstyle is done.

The third hairstyle contains:

  1. You can just accessorize the second hairstyle with the hair clip.
  2. Finally you will get elegant hairstyle. You can also simply curl your hair.

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