Mohawk Pony Braid

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Mohawk Pony Braid Hairstyles

In this hairstyle tutorial, we are making Mohawk pony braid hairstyle for the medium long hair. Mohawk hairstyles can be done on straight, curly or on layered hair. Here in the tutorial, ombre hair extension is used but you can do this even without it.  This edgy updo is best for homecoming, prom, wedding, for school, clubbing, concerts or everyday this fall and winter.  In today’s, step-by-step, hair tutorial video for beginners, I’m going to show you how to create a cute and easy, braided ponytail hairstyle. In this quick tutorial, I’m going to show you how to Dutch braid and Fishtail plait your own hair to create an intricate mohawk ponytail look.

Mohawk Pony Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Video by: MakeupWearables Hairstyles (YouTube)

Follow these steps to create this beautiful Mohawk Pony Braid Hairstyle:

  1. First begin with the teasing in the crown area.
  2. It will help in increasing the volume.
  3. Now take some strands and then divide it into three parts.
  4. You will need to make the Dutch hairstyle.
  5. Add some hair on the top strand and then bring it to middle.
  6. Then do the same with the bottom of hair. Add some hair from the bottom and then incorporate with the middle hair.
  7. Top hair goes to the top strand and then bottom hair will go with the bottom hair.
  8. When you reach to the middle, you will continue to make the fishtail braid.
  9. Fishtail braid is easy to do. It is because you simply need to divide this part into two halves.
  10. Take small strand from the right and then incorporate with the left.
  11. Then do the same from the left strand.
  12. Do this until you don’t reach to the end of hair.
  13. Do the same in the other side.
  14. Once you get the braids on the both sides, you need to incorporate this together.
  15. Now smooth the hair.
  16. You will finally get the Mohawk pony braid hairstyle for medium long hair.

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