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Men’s Casual Cool Hairstyle

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Men's Casual Cool Hairstyle

Hair styling for men is a tough task because you will need to work on the short hair. But the tutorial will help you to learn the best ways to learn various hairstyles. In this hairstyle tutorial, you will learn how to make casual cool hairstyle for the short hair.

Video by: Slikhaar TV (YouTube)

Let’s get started with the hair cut tutorial for Men’s casual cool hairstyle:

  1. First you need to begin with the wet hair so that it will be easy to trim your hair.
  2. Separate the front part from the mid part.
  3. Trim the crown part.
  4. Also trim the front part.
  5. This hairstyle needs a lot of trimming your hair.
  6. You will continue trimming from most of the sides.
  7. Once you are done, don’t forget to see mirror.
  8. Finally you will get casual cool hairstyle for short hair is ready.

To get this hairstyle, you will need to follow the following measurement:

HAIRCUT Sides: 6 mm Top front: 1-3 cm Top center: 2-4 cm.

In this hairstyle tutorial, we have used Vilain Dynamite.

This hairstyle tutorial is ideal for the men with short hair. This hairstyle needs a lot of trimming. However, this hairstyle is cool as well as causal. You can carry this hairstyle for any kind of outing or even among the peer circles. You don’t need to do anything, except trimming your hair as per the measurement.

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