Loop Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

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Loop Braid Hairstyle
Today we are back with a hairstyle tutorial for making  loop braided hairstyle. Well the Loop Braided Hairstyle looks complicated at first but it is simply a regular three strand braid. You will need damp hair to begin this hairstyle. For that you can use gel to make your hair wet. A big shout out to Bebexo for doing this hairstyle tutorial.

Let’s get started to make yourself a loop braided hairstyle:

1. Divide the hair into three equal parts. We are making a regular three strands braid.
2. Cross the right strand over the middle and then cross left over to the middle.
3. Now separate the small section of the hair and then keep it away from the strand.
4. Do exactly on the left side of the strand. Leave small section of the hair and continue making braid.
5. Separate the hair from the right strand again. But this time you need to take the strand of hair that you left on the side. Now add this strand of hair to the right strand.
6. Repeat this process. Leave some hair on the left strand and add some strand of hair that you left on the same side earlier.
7. Continue doing this. But don’t forget to tie your braid and pull the loop featherlike braid that you just incorporated on the each side of the hair.
8. You can do this until you reach to the end of hair. Or you can simply do the half. Tie with the elastic band.
9. You can also tie your hair into the knot and bobby pin the same to stick the knot.
10. You can also wear hat so that you can give a different look.
11. Once your hair dries, you will get some pattern like feather on the sides of the hair.
12. Finally the Feather Loop Braid hair is ready.
Thus the tutorial shows how you can simply get a new look, by modifying the three strands hair braid. You can also wear hat as shown in the tutorial. Or you can also tie with the hair so that it will make people curious whether it is really hair knot.

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