Layered Twist Around Hairstyle Tutorial

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Layered Twist Around Hairstyle

Today we are learning how to create the intricate yet simple form of the hairstyle. This hairstyle will only take few minutes. This hairstyle is perfect for the summer time. Similarly the hairstyle is ideal for middle long hair and long hair. It will not take more too much time to get such hairstyle. You can simply  practice to get such a beautiful hairstyle. This hairstyle video tutorial is presented by Luxy Hair Youtube Channel.

Let’s get started and get yourself a layered twist around hairstyle:

  1. Take the top layer and just put elastic.
  2. Now gently section into two and then put the remaining hair through the loop.
  3. Add some hair from the side and then bring it to the middle.
  4. Take some hair from another side and then bring to the middle.
  5. Now tie the added section with the help of elastic band.
  6. You are making another pony tail.
  7. Repeat the process.
  8. Section the hair into two parts and then bring the remaining hair through the loop.
  9. Continue doing this until you don’t reach to the end of the hair.
  10. Add the remaining hair into the middle and tie it with elastic band.
  11. Make a pony tail.
  12. Until you reach to the end of the hair, you will get a beautifully made pattern.
  13. Tie this with the help of the elastic band.
  14. Finally the layered twist around hairstyle is complete.


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