Lace Braid Headband Hairstyle

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Lace Braid Headband Hairstyle

Today we are back with another hairstyle tutorial which is of course Braid and perfect for medium and long hairs. This is the hairstyle tutorial for the Lace Braid Headband Hairstyle for medium long hair. This hairstyle is best for you if you don’t want any hair coming to your face.

Lace Braid Headband Hairstyle Tutorial

Video by: Bebexo

Let’s get started and create this beautiful Lace Braid Headband Hairstyle:

  1. First brush your hair so that you can get tangle free hair.
  2. Part your hair from ear to ear using the rat tail comb.
  3. Now secure the hair using elastic band.
  4. And work on the front part of the hair.
  5. Brush your hair and bring it to the one side.
  6. Now start making braids. Take a section and then divide it into three parts.
  7. Take the top strand and place it to the middle.
  8. Now you are taking some strands of hair and incorporate it to the braid.
  9. You are just incorporating hair at one side.
  10. This will help you to create the lace braid hairstyle.
  11. Once you reach to the bottom, you can continue making three strand of hair.
  12. You can also leave it but here in the tutorial, we are making the side ponytail.
  13. Bring the braid around the ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. We are using 2 bobby pins but you can use as many as you need.
  14. Accessorize your hair if you have any.
  15. Finally lace braid headband hairstyle is ready.

This hairstyle is best if you don’t want any hair coming to your face. And it is ideal for the long hair. If you don’t want ponytail, you can leave the hair as it is.

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