Indian Party Hairstyles

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Indian Party Haistyles

Today we are back with some Indian Party hairstyle tutorial. This hair tutorial contains various Indian party hairstyles that you can get yourself while going for a party. It is time taking for the ladies to manage the hair when it is for the special occasions for which these hairstyles can be time saver.

In this hair tutorial, we will show you various hairstyles for Indian party.

Indian Party Hairstyles for Long Hair

Video by: SuperPrincessjo (YouTube)

The first hairstyle:

  1. Separate the crown area and pull back the half crown area.
  2. Now secure this part with the help of hair clip.
  3. Take an inch of hair in the front part.
  4. Remove any tangles and then twist this hair strand.
  5. Once you get the twisted part, secure this hair at back with the help of bobby pin.
  6. Repeat this process in the front part of the hair.
  7. Make twist and then secure with the help of bobby pins.
  8. Remove your hair clip that you secured in the beginning.
  9. Finally your first hairstyle is completed.

The second hairstyle includes following tutorial.

The second hairstyle begins after you complete the first hairstyle.

  1. You need to twist some hair from the pony tail that you make.
  2. Take a flower bobby pin and then accessorize this hairstyle with the bobby pin.
  3. Finally your second hairstyle is ready.

To do the third hairstyle, you will need to follow the following tutorial.

  1. Divide your hair into two sections.
  2. Leave five inches in the front in one side and then tie rest of hair.
  3. Tie this section on your right with the help of elastic band. You can also make the side pony tail.
  4. Now you will work on the side of hair.
  5. First you need to take out small section of hair. Start braiding now.
  6. Now make French braiding. Add a small section of hair from both sides in the main strands of hair.
  7. Continue this process.
  8. Once the braiding is completed, you will need to bring this braided part towards the pony tail.
  9. Finally you will get the third hairstyle.

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