Indian Bridal Hairstyle for Short Hair

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Indian Bridal Hairstyles

In this hair tutorial, we are learning about how to create Indian Bridal hairstyle for the short hair. This hairstyle will take you back to late 60s.  The hairstyle created to demonstrate how to add a lot of volume by backcombing short hair.  This hairstyle is more creative especially when you wear this hairstyle with the dupattas or with an Asian bridal hairstyle. However, it can be easily replicated on the long or medium hair. You can also use hair extension in order to cover this stuffing of hair piece.

Indian bridal hairstyle for short hair

Video by: Hafsa (YouTube)

Let’s get started with the step by step instruction to create this Indian Bridal hairstyle:

  1. We have started with the rollers on the blow dried hair.
  2. As we remove the rollers, we have back combed the hair.
  3. Once you complete the back comb, you will get the voluminous hair on your back.
  4. Now smooth the surface and then to increase the volume of hair, you just need to tuck the crowned area where you recently back combed.
  5. Now secure this area with the alligator clip to hold it.
  6. When you complete to fix this area with the bobby pin, you can simply remove the alligator clip.
  7. Now if your short hair are remaining and are not included in the teased hair you secured, you will need to roll the area and tuck it to the crown area.
  8. Do it neatly.
  9. Now back comb the remaining hair and then tuck it with the crown area.
  10. Use the hair spray and then tuck it.
  11. Once you complete it, you will use the hair spray so that you will get good control.
  12. Now use the hair stuffing and then place it to the center of the hair.
  13. Use the bobby pin to secure this with the bottom hair.
  14. Now use hair extension and cover the stuffing.
  15. Again take another section of hair extension. And cover the linings of hair stuffing.
  16. Now secure the hair extension with the bobby pin. Smooth it out and then you can easily cover the hair stuffing.
  17. Back comb the front section and then bring back to the bun.
  18. Finally Indian bridal hairstyle for the short hair is ready.

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