Honeycomb Headband Hairstyle Tutorial

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Honeycomb Headband Hairstyle

Today we have a step by step tutorial on how to create Honeycomb headband hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for long hairs as this is the fun head band hairstyle. Here we have included the step by step tutorials to create honeycomb headband hairstyle. This video tutorial is officially released by Youtube channel Princess Hairstyles.

Without wasting a single minute let’s get started with the step by step tutorial to create this Honeycomb headband hairstyle:

1. Make a part on the top of the head and then make another part that just runs back of the hair.
2. Grab some part of hair from the top side.
3. Take small section of hair and start combining with the similar kind of the section of the hair.
4. Separate it with the clip so that you can work on another section of the hair.
5. Pull the strand of hair that we parted out in the front.
6. Now bring the hair from the each side and secure with the hair band underneath into one.
(You need help to pull the remaining hair in the middle. You simply hold it up for some minutes until you secure the hair with elastic band.)
7. Work on the separated hair tied with clip. Remove the clip and make the both side smooth.
8. To begin with, spray water in one of the sections.
9. You can also use the gel so that you can get the wet hair.
10. Wet hair is easier to work.
11. Now make 4 sections with this small section.
12. These 4 sections will be used to make the chain needed for honeycomb hairstyle
13. Start working with the front one.
14. Make two halves and make sure that your both strands from the first strand are smoother.
15. Cross one strand over the other and tie it as if you are tying your shoe laces.
16. Continue doing this, cross one strand over the other and make a tie.
17. Bring the strand underneath and bring to the middle.
18. Continue this every time and in the same way.
19. You should not tie it tightly. You will get a simple round shape each time making knots.
20. After reaching the end of hair, you will need to work on the second chain.
21. To begin with the second chain, you will loop the strand through the next strand.
22. Bring one of the strands of the second chain and bring into the first rounds that appeared.
23. Continue doing same as you did in the first strand.
24. Repeat the same in all the chains.
25. You need to notice the size of the rounds while making the knots.
26. Do this on the left side of the hair.
27. Add these chains to the pony tail that we made before.
28. Now the final of the honeycomb headband hairstyle is ready.

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