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Hair Fall



Hair loss has become a major problem for men and women these days because the environmental factors and high stress levels have contributed to the same. As hair fall begins people are worried about hair loss that they may face in future days. If hair loss begins at the early age it might take you to depression. Other factors like hormonal changes, ageing, poor diet, heat styling and nutritional deficiency are also responsible for hair fall. The use of chemical shampoos and hair care products has been one of the reasons of unprecedented hair loss. A number of home remedies have become popular for combating hair fall issues.

Here are some effective home remedies for hair loss:

1. Coconut oil and coconut milk

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil and milk has been known as the traditional home remedy for a number of hair problems including hair fall. Regular massage with coconut oil every time before you shampoo your hair, makes it longer and stronger. For better results, you can leave it overnight or give a steamed towel therapy for an hour or two. Similarly, application of coconut milk on bald patches facilitates quick growth of hair and also prevents further hair loss. The fact that coconut milk and oil is enriched with healthy fats and vitamin E, makes them effective for nourishing hair roots and protecting it from being broken and damaged.

2. Amla/Indian Gooseberry

Amla Indian Gooseberry

Amla or Indian gooseberry has been regarded as a classic hair care remedy in the ancient science of Ayurveda. Some amlas are infused in a cupful of coconut oil and heated for a few minutes till it turns black in color. It is used as regular scalp massage oil every time before washing hair and prevents hair breakage. Amla is loaded with vitamin C, which gives amazing strength to hair and also makes it grow longer by building collagen.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

Another useful home remedy for hair fall is the magical herb called aloe vera, which has been revered for its hair friendly properties since a long time. Aloe vera gel can be directly extracted from the leaves and massaged on the scalp, while you can also use the packaged variety available in the market. Leave it on the scalp for about 15 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Using this remedy thrice a week is an effective way to prevent hair breakage as this herb promotes hair health and growth by maintaining the ph level of the scalp.

4. Fenugreek


Fenugreek is a herb useful as a home remedy for hair fall problem. A cupful of fenugreek seeds are soaked overnight in water and ground to a paste in the morning. Application of this paste on the roots to hair ends is done and left for an hour, covered with a shower cap. It is then rinsed with cold water. Using this home remedy twice a week is a good way to make hair long and strong.

5. Neem


Neem leaves make another potent remedial measure for people suffering from extreme hair fall. An effective hair wash can be prepared by boiling a handful of neem leaves in a pan of water. It has to be cooled down and used to rinse your hair after you shampoo it. The remedy should be taken up at least once a week to get rid of hair fall and other hair problems like dandruff and hair lice. It has nourishing and anti bacterial properties and stimulates the flow of blood in the scalp area.

6. Yogurt


If you have been suffering from excessive hair fall and appearance of bald patches, a yogurt based hair mask can come to your rescue. Mix 2 tablespoons of yogurt with a tablespoon of raw honey a juice of a lemon and make a hair mask of a paste like consistency. Apply it to the scalp and roots and rest for half an hour, after which it needs to be rinsed with cold water. Use of this home remedy twice a week will alleviate the hair fall problem as yogurt nourished the hair roots with healthy proteins and vitamin B5.

7. Onion Juice

Onion Juice

Applying onion juice on your scalp might not seem to be a very attractive idea because of its repulsive smell, but the fact is that it can do wonders for your hair health. Juice up a medium sized onion and apply the juice on your scalp with a cotton ball, reaching out to the tips of your hair. Leave it in for half an hour and then shampoo your hair well. Use this simple home remedy for a month and you can get rid of a number of hair problems including hair fall, dandruff and lice. Onion is high in sulfur which has a nourishing impact on the roots to tips.

8. Licorice Root

Licorice Root

A tablespoonful of ground licorice root and a teaspoon of saffron are mixed in a cup of milk. Application of this mixture to bald patched and leaving it overnight helps to put a stop on hair loss problem. Use this home remedy for twice a week. It not prevents hair fall but also reduces the problems of dandruff and itching of the scalp.

9. Henna


Next on the list of best home remedies for hair loss is henna, which also imparts color to graying hair in addition to promoting its growth and strength. A henna mask can be applied on the hair and left for a few hours before shampooing your hair. It acts as a natural conditioner and leaves hair soft and silk. Use this effective hair mask 2-3 times a month and add some yogurt and lemon juice for better results.

10. Chinese Hibiscus

Chinese Hibiscus

Another amazing herbal remedy for hair fall is Chinese hibiscus flowers, which are infused in 2 cups of virgin coconut oil and heated. The oil is then strained and left to cool. It has to be applied on the scalp overnight and massaged gently. Using this remedy 2-3 times a week helps to reduce the problem of hair fall. The flowers are high in hair friendly nutrients like vitamin C, riboflavin and phosphorus, all of which nourish the hair and also improve the blood circulation in the scalp area.

11. Egg Whites

Egg White

You can also nourish your hair with a hair mask made of egg whites as a simple and easy remedial measure for hair loss. Use this hair mask twice a week, leaving it in the scalp for an hour or two and them shampooing your hair with a mild shampoo and lukewarm water.

12. Green Tea

Green Tea

Rinse your hair with an infusion of 2-3 green tea bags in a pan full of boiled water. It acts as a natural conditioner and stimulates hair growth by nourishing the follicles and boosting the metabolism.

In addition to these simple home remedies, you must take a balanced diet and stay away from stress. Avoid using harsh chemicals and heat styling, while hair should also be safeguarded from environmental toxins and excessive sunlight.

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