Holiday Braided Updo Hairstyle

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Holiday Braided Updo

In today’s tutorial, we are learning the elegant hairstyle that is ideal for the holidays. Holiday braided updo hairstyle is perfect for celebrating holidays including summer and spring holidays. Even they will help you to look more girly with the accessories (flowers) used like in the tutorial.

The tutorial seems to be very complicated but it is easier and simpler too. This step by step video tutorial for Holiday Braided Updo is brought to you by Youtube Channel Bebexo.

Let’s get started to create this Holiday Braided hairstyles:

  1. Start off by brushing and keeping everything out.
  2. This part is optional but you can just leave some strand of hair hanging out.
  3. Clip it to the other side and bobby pin it.
  4. Take some part from the top side and divide them into three different sections.
  5. Take the middle part of the hair and bring to the right side. Bring the left strand and place it to the middle.
  6. Here’s the tricky part. Pick up some hair right from your face and incorporate with the right strand and place it to the middle.
  7. Leave the left strand as it is. You don’t need to pick any hair.
  8. Just you need to go with the right strand incorporating some hair.
  9. Continue braiding until you reach back of your ears.
  10. After reaching to the side of ears, you can continue picking any of the hair.
  11. Tie it after you complete braiding your hair.
  12. Now start working on the left side of your hair.
  13. Continue the same process.
  14. When you are done, tie with the elastic band and it should look like crown hair band.
  15. If you have a long hair, just simply loop up with the help of hair band. But twist the hair tie and loop another section. If you have short hair, you just need to loop your hair for simply once.
  16. Now you want to create a hole right between the braids.
  17. Tuck your hair inside the hole.
  18. Curl your hair if it is left out.
  19. Use the accessories if you want to. You can simply use the flower pin or some flowers to give the festive look.
  20. The Holiday Braided Updo Hairstyle is ready.

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