The Perfect Halo Braid for Short Hair

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The perfect Halo Braid hairstyle

Hello girls, today we are back with another hairstyle tutorial. This hairstyle tutorial is specially for all of you having short hair. This hairstyle is called Halo Braid which you can make it for your hair. There is the perfect braid for every hair type. In this hair tutorial, you will learn how to do the halo braid, which works beautifully for short, fine hair.

Video by : NewBeauty Magazine (Youtube)

Let’s get started doing this hairstyle and get yourself Halo Braid hairstyle for your hair:

  1. Take a strand of hair and then divide it into three parts.
  2. Then start making a French braid.
  3. Take a piece of hair and then add it to the center and cross over.
  4. Pick up another piece and then add it to the center and cross over.
  5. Once you reach all the way down you need to secure this with elastic band.
  6. Do the same with the other side of hair.
  7. This hair is great in short hair. Continue doing this and then you have to secure the hair with the elastic band.
  8. Then tuck the hair with bobby pin.
  9. Pick up the strand mainly in the front part of the hair.
  10. It will help to increase the volume.
  11. Finally the Halo Braid for the short hair is ready.

You can also tuck the flyovers with the help of the bobby pins. This hairstyle is best and it is called around the world because this hairstyle includes the French braid and incorporated together all around. This hairstyle does not require effort since it is simple and easy to do.

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