Cute Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

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Half up half down hairstyle

This is a new cute twisted half-up and half-down hairstyle. It takes some minutes to get the hairstyle and it is best for any occasions. You can do this hairstyle for any kind of long hairs. No worries if you have long curly hair or straight or any type. You will definitely love this awesome half up half down hairstyle as presented by Luxy Hair. In this tutorial, we are using the extension and this step you can skip if your hair is long enough.

Half up Half Down Hairstyle for Long Hairs

Let’s get started and get yourself this quick cute half up and half down hairstyle:

  1. First comb your hair to remove the tangles.
  2. Now take some strand of hair and bring to the middle of the hair.
  3. Twist both strands of hair and then bring them little bit down.
  4. After reaching to some extent, add some strands of hair from both sides.
  5. Then incorporate this with the both sides.
  6. Continue twisting them together.
  7. Now take some strands from either side. This is the third time that we are taking or adding the hair.
  8. Twist the added hair together.
  9. Now you will finally secure this with an elastic band.
  10. Finally easy and cute style is ready.

You can carry this hairstyle at anywhere. This hairstyle is cute as well as it takes only a minute to recreate. It is ideal for any occasions. You can increase the number of strands that you added on the either side of the hair. But here we have shown you in the tutorial how to create the half- up and half-down hairstyle, taking three strands of hair.

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