Half Up Hairstyle for short Hair

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Half up hairstyle for short hair

There are variations of hairstyles. Some people have long hair and some have sort hair. The hairstyle depends on the length of the hair you have. In this hair tutorial, you will learn how to do quick half up hairstyle for the short hair.

Video by: Kayley Melissa (YouTube)

Let’s get started and get yourself this quick and easy Half up hairstyle:

  1. Tease the crown part of the hair.
  2. Gently comb the surface of the hair and then secure this part with the help of bobby pin.
  3. Now take some part of hair and then bring this over to the bobby pin.
  4. Take another section of hair and then bring this section over to the bobby pin.
  5. Finally you will get quick half up hairstyle for short hair.

Girls with short hair can achieve this hairstyle. This hairstyle is best for any occasions. You can carry this hairstyle at colleges or even in parties. It looks simple as well as elegant. In this hairstyle, you simply will need some bobby pins and bit teasing. Don’t forget to use the hairspray. This will help you to have the hairstyle for a longer period of time. Normally, when you need to get elegant look in few minutes, then you can achieve this hairstyle. In addition, this hairstyle will look elegant even for casual as well as formal occasions.

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