Half up Hair Bow Hairstyle

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Half up hair bow hairstyle

Today we have got you another beautiful and cute hairstyle which is Half up hair bow. This Half Up Hair Bow is a super cute hairstyle. You will need bobby pins, hair elastic, two mirrors (one small and another bigger). Here in the tutorial Ombre Chestnut Luxy Hair Extensions is used. But it does not mean that you will need extension. The hair bow will look elegant if you create in the thick hair. You can do without using such hair extension. This hair style is perfect for long and medium hairs. Shout out to the Youtube channel Luxy Hair for doing this awesome hairstyle tutorial.

Following steps are quick and easy steps to get the half up hair bow:

  1. First take the section from the right and then from the left.
  2. Tie them with the hair elastic.
  3. You should not take a large section of the hair. It will make you difficult to make the hair bow.
  4. Once you tie it first, you need to keep the half of hair in the second round of tying hair.
  5. You will need to create the loop.
  6. Take a section and then you will need to divide into two parts. This will be your bow.
  7. In this tutorial, we are inserting two fingers inside the bows.
  8. You just need to use index finger or small fingers to spread the bow.
  9. Take the bobby pin and secure the bow. Go through the bottom and insert the pin so that your bow gets the base.
  10. Secure it again from the top of the bow. You will need some pins to secure the bow.
  11. Do the same thing in the left side of the bow.
  12. Spread the bow with the help of the index and small finger.
  13. You will need some bobby pin and then secure them to the base of the hair.
  14. Hold the bow with the index finger. Then secure this with the bobby pin.
  15. Now you need to check the size of the bows you made. For this you need a small mirror. You can adjust the size of the hair. You can also squeeze the hair if the bow is too big than compared to the second one.
  16. The last step of the bow is to create the middle part. Take some strand of hair and then make an opening in the ponytail you made at the first so that you can insert the hair.
  17. Pull that hair through and look at the mirror.
  18. Bobby pin it and then you will enjoy the half up hair bow cute hair.

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