Hair UpDo Styles for Short Hair

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Hair updo styles for short hair

Hello girls, today i am back with a hairstyle tutorial video on hair updo style. This hairstyle can be achieved in the short hair. It is easy to do. Normally people want to get easy hairstyle for their day to day routine. In this hairstyle, you will learn the easiest ways to make the hair updo for the short hair.

Hair UpDo Styles for Short Hair

Video by : GirlsHairstyles2012 (YouTube)

Let’s get started and get yourself this hairstyle:

  1. Start with teasing your hair. First do teasing in the back of your hair.
  2. Do this on the sides of hair.
  3. After completing teasing, you will need to take some strand where you just teased.
  4. Secure this part by twisting with the bobby pin.
  5. Do this in other parts of the hair.
  6. Continue this process in other parts as well.
  7. You will get some hair pattern.
  8. You can also wrap the hair around.
  9. To make wraps, you can just take some hair and wrap them all around.
  10. It’s not necessary that they need to be too small. You can take large chunk of hair.
  11. Finally you will get cute hair updo for short hair.

This short hairstyle tutorial will give you a punky look. However, it is ideal for the short straight hair. You can also do in the long hair but for that you will need to work hard to roll the hair. You can also have short hair because it is easy to carry. It’s completely based on the personal choice. However, some short hairstyle is too easy to pick.

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