Greek Goddess Crown Braid Hairstyle

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Greek Goddess Crown Braid Hairstyle

This braid is inspired by the latest hair trends. It is the ideal hairstyle for the hot summer days. It is because most of the hair will be wrapped around the head. This is the hairstyle that does not require heat and teasing too. It is one of the great alternatives for a crown braid that takes somewhat more skills and time. It works well on the long medium hair as well as in the long hair. This video is brought to you by Youtube Channel Lilith Moon.

Let’s get started with this Greek Goddess crown braid hairstyle:

  1. Take some strand right above the ear.
  2. Then you are dividing this into the two equal halves.
  3. You have to twist in the clockwise direction.
  4. Completing twisting for two times, you will add some hair from the bottom of the section.
  5. You will add some hair and incorporate it with the section of the hair that you are twisting.
  6. Then start twisting for two times.
  7. Add some hair and then incorporate this with the twisted hair.
  8. Continue this process all around the hair.
  9. Twist the hair and continue incorporating some hair.
  10. Continuing this process and you will wrap the hair around the head and it will look as if you are wearing crown.
  11. When you will reach at the end (no hair left to twist) you will simply tie the hair on the crown of the hair, you will need some bobby pins so that you can secure the twisted hair.
  12. Finally the Greek goddess crown braid hairstyle is ready.

This hairstyle is best for the summer days when you need to go for any occasions. It is easier to carry out for it does not require any heat.

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