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The Great Gatsby Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle

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The Great Gatsby Leonardo DiCaprio Hairstyle

This hairstyle includes the hairstyle that is inspired from the Great Gatsby Leonardo Dicaprio hairstyle. In this hairsyle you will learn how to get the hairstyle motivated from the movie character, Gatsby and it is played by Leonardo Dicaprio. So you will love watching this hairstyle tutorial.

The Great Gatsby Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle Tutorial

Video by: Slikhaar TV (YouTube)

Follow these steps to get this charming Leonardo’s hairstyle:

  1. Wash your hair thoroughly.
  2. Now use brush and comb to comb in the direction.
  3. Now you can use foundation and then use thoroughly all over the hair.
  4. Take brush and then start combing the hair again.
  5. Now comb your hair using the comb.
  6. This time when you are using the comb, swirl it until you reach the mid part of hair.
  7. To get out of the wet look, use the hair dryer.
  8. Now reshape the hair before you use hair dryer.
  9. Finally you will get the great Gatsby Leonardo DiCaprio hairstyle.

We showed you how to get a Leonardo DiCaprio inspired hairstyle. Rasmus recommends By Vilain Gold Digger for an even better result.

Hair products used in the video are listed below…

Haircut Sides: 0,6 cm Graduated to the top Top: 12 cm
Products used  for this hairstyle is Hairbond Sculptor.

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