Frozen Inspired Anna’s coronation Hairstyle Tutorial

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Frozen Inspired Anna's coronation hairstyle

Anna in Frozen is not an unknown character to most of the audiences. However most of us are still unknown about her coronation hairstyle. The following are the tutorials for the hairstyle of Anna’s coronation in the cartoon, Frozen. This beautiful Frozen hairstyle as inspired by Anna is brought to you by CuteHairStyles via Disney Style.

Let’s get started with step by step to create Frozen Hairstyle as inspired by Anna:

  1. Take the front part of hair, probably right from the sides of eyebrows.
  2. Secure the hair by combing back. Use the hair tie that matches with the hair color.
  3. You can use the real hair but in the tutorial, a cool braided hair band is used so that it can be really easier and also will help to look more elegant.
  4. Bring this part of braided hair band on the front.
  5. To make it more realistic, bring some part of hair to fix the added braided hair. It will also give a realistic look.
  6. Do this on the same side of the hair.
  7. You can use the bobby pin as hidden as possible. You need to fix the hair.
  8. Secure the hair part divided on the both side to fix the added braid.
  9. Give some fluffy look to the hair on the crown of the head.
  10. Now you need to bring the remaining hair and twist it around.
  11. You will need bobby pin to secure this twisted hair.
  12. Bring the hair with the help of bobby pin and secure the hair, making a round shape.
  13. Use a band of ribbon. Probably use green ribbon.
  14. Frozen inspired Anna’s Coronation hairstyle is ready.

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