Frozen Elsa Hairstyle Tutorial

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Frozen Elsa Hairstyle

This is the hairstyle, showing how to recreate Elsa’s coronation hairstyle (from the Frozen cartoon). The tutorial is very quick and easy to do as the hair tutorial is shown step by step in a very easy technique. It will be perfect for upcoming Valentine’s Day, prom, wedding, graduation or homecoming ball. If your hair is too short then you can also use hair extensions. Presented on Youtube by Lilith Moon here you can watch the step by step tutorial of this hairstyle.

Lets get started and get yourself Frozen Elsa Hairstyle:

  1. Take two strand of the hair and start twisting each other.
  2. When you are twisting the hair, you will need to add some hair and continue twisting the hair.
  3. Till you don’t reach to the side part of the hair, continue twisting the hair.
  4. After you reach to the side part, you need to secure the twist with the help of bobby pin.
  5. Now divide the section of the hair into two halves.
  6. Grab the first part and twist it upwards from the right direction.
  7. Now take this section around so that you will get a lock of the hair.
  8. Use the hair pin and then secure the layers of the lock.
  9. Hide the layer of the hair somewhere with the help of the bobby pin.
  10. Now grab another section of the hair and then you will just twist it and take around to the first lock.
  11. Let it go around the first bun shaped lock.
  12. Then you need to secure this part too.
  13. Frozen’s Elsa hair tutorial for the wedding or party is ready.

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