French Twist Hairstyle Tutorial

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French Twist Hairstyle

Hey buddies, today we are back with another hairstyle tutorial. It’s non other than French Twist Hairstyle. This is the hairstyle that is highly requested by billions of the viewers. However, this hairstyle is simple and so fun to do. This particular hairstyle is inspired from Eva Long glorious hairstyle. A big shout out to the Youtube channel Lilith Moon for this video tutorial on French Twist Hairstyle.

Let’s get started for this French Twist hairstyle tutorial:

  1. Take all the hair on the top and then section it off.
  2. We are giving the look to the remaining hair into the French twisted hairstyle.
  3. Twist the hair and bring it up.
  4. As you continue twisting the French hairstyle will be visible.
  5. Tug your tail of the hair (end of the hair) into the twist.
  6. Secure this with a bobby pin. Or you can use the hair pin or bobby pin.
  7. It’s time to work on the top part of the hair that is sectioned at first.
  8. Start gently teasing the hair.
  9. Continue doing this so that you can really give a nice look to the front part of the hair.
  10. Comb the hair that you just teased. And gently use the hairspray to make sure that all hair go to the right direction.
  11. Now you need to secure the teased hair towards the French twisted hairstyle.
  12. Simply use the bobby pin to fix the hair to the twisted hair.
  13. Tug the end of the teased hair in to the twisted hair.
  14. If your hair is thick you will need more number of the bobby pin.
  15. You also need to decide what to do with the front part of the hair. You can simply put over the forehead or you can simply leave it as it is.
  16. If you are putting over the forehead, you need to use the hairspray to fix the hair.
  17. Finally the French twist hairstyle is ready.

This is the super cool hairstyle for partying or even for any occasions.

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