French Braid Ponytail

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French Braid Ponytail Hairstyle

In this hairstyle tutorial, you will learn how to create a fancy, double waterfall, French braid ponytail, for long or medium length hair. In this hairstyle, you will learn how to create waterfall Braid on yourself and how to do a fancy, big ponytail, with or without hair extensions. This is the heatless braided ponytail updo hairstyle which is suitable for straight, wavy or curly hair, and will take about 15 minutes to do on yourself.

French Braid Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial

Video by: MakeupWearables Hairstyles (YouTube)

Here is step by step instructions for creating this beautiful French Braid Ponytail hairstyle:

  1. Make a side part and then make a diagonal section from the part to the neck.
  2. Now secure a ponytail with the elastic band.
  3. Take some section of hair and then clip it away.
  4. Now take some strand of hair and then make a normal braid, adding hair from the top.
  5. Add the hair from the top to the top section and then cross it to the middle.
  6. Now take some section from below before crossing in the middle as well.
  7. Don’t forget to drop the strand.
  8. Continue doing this.
  9. Add some hair on the top and then add it to the top section. Then cross it to the middle.
  10. If you want to make another braid then you can simply make another braid next to the first braid.
  11. When you are making the second braid, you will have to incorporate the strands that you dropped before.
  12. Continue this process.
  13. Secure this with the elastic band.
  14. Now remove all the elastic band and then secure the braids that you made with the elastic band and tie a pony.
  15. If you want to tease, then you can do to increase the volume.
  16. If you want more braiding, you can tie another braid in the ponytail.
  17. Finally you will get the French braid ponytail hairstyle.

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