French Braid Pigtails Hairstyle

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French Braid Pigtails Hairstyle

Sometimes you can also learn and try super easy hairstyle so that you can look elegant as well simple and cute. This hairstyle is as simple as you do normal braiding. However this hairstyle is called French braid pigtails.

French Braid Pigtail Hairstyle Tutorial

Video by: Bebexo (YouTube)

Let’s start this French Braid Pigtail Hairstyle with steps as mentioned here:

  1. Brush your hair thoroughly and make sure your hair is free from tangles.
  2. Divide the hair equal and then secure one of the sides with elastic band.
  3. Now separate some hair near the front so that you can curl them.
  4. You can take simply some section and then divide it into three strands of hair.
  5. Take one strand on the left and then place it over the middle.
  6. Pick some hair from the front and then incorporate to the right strand.
  7. Pick up hair from the left strand and then incorporate to the left strand and bring to the middle.
  8. Continue this until you reach very bottom.
  9. Then tie this braid with the help of elastic band.
  10. Now you can do the same in the other side too.
  11. You can take some section and then divide it into the three parts.
  12. Then take right strand and bring to the middle. Now incorporate some hair when you are working on the left strand from left part.
  13. Continue this part until you don’t reach to the end of hair.
  14. Finally you will get the French braid.
  15. If you want to get the curls, then use curls on the front part of hair that you left.
  16. And you can also make the curls on the tail side.
  17. Finally French braid pigtails is ready.

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