Flower Hair Bow Hairstyle

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Flower hair bow hairstyle

This tutorial shows how to make a flower hair bow out of your own hair. This is one of the highly requested hairstyle which is ideal for medium to long hair. If you are planning to try out something new with your hair then this hairstyle can be your next choice. A big shout out to the Youtube channel Bebexo for doing this hair tutorial.

Without any more gossips let’s get started to create yourself a flower hair bow hairstyle:

  1. Take some strand of hair on the left side.
  2. Then tie it with an elastic band closed to your hair color.
  3. You need to wrap the hair twice. Now you are making the base of the pony tail.
  4. Now you are making the petals of the flower.
  5. All you need to do is to loop your hair through the elastic band. Then twist it couple of the times.
  6. Put your fingers to the elastic band and then make another loop by pulling the same strand of hair. We will create the second petal through this.
  7. Once again stick your fingers through the hole and then make another (third) loop so that you can make the third petal.
  8. Twist the last chunk and this will the four petal of the flower.
  9. You can also make the flower in any part of the head.
  10. The flower can also be made at the crown of your head.
  11. Here we are making another flower at the same side of the hair.
  12. Continue the same process and make a flower with four petals. This will help to add or enhance beauty.
  13. Now secure these petals using a bobby pin underneath the petals. Make sure that you keep the pin underneath the petals.
  14. You can even curl you hair. If your hair is straight, you just need to go through the curling roll.
  15. If you want, then you can simply carry these flowers in straight hair but curled hair matches the flowers.
  16. Flower Hair Bow is finally ready.

This hairstyle is ideal for any outings. This is simple as well as experimental. Have a try and look elegant.

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