Flapper Hairstyle Tutorial

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Flapper hairstyles

Hey friends, today we are back with another hairstyle tutorial. And here we have today one of the old fashion hairstyle commonly known as flapper. This is a hairstyle that will take up back to the 1920’s. Flappers are famous for the medium long hair. But you can also get this without contributing your long hair. You will need some time to do more and more practice to get the hairstyle. This adorable tutorial will help you get the look that was famous in the 1920s.

Lets get yourself this 1920’s Flapper hairstyles following this step by step tutorial:

  1. Make a part on one side. Use a rat tail comb or your finger.
  2. Now take small sections and curl with a medium sized curling iron, if you want medium sized curls.
  3. Do this throughout the entire section, until you have curls all around.
  4. Now do the same with the side part.
  5. Spray the top part with the hairspray and hold it down tight.
  6. Take the other side of your hair and bobby pin it down as well.
  7. Take small sections of your hair and start to pin them to your head. Style as you want.
  8. Do the same with other side. On this side, then you will learn how to make the curls tighter.
  9. Start pinning the curls throughout the rest of the hair.
  10. Now take the back portion and start taking portions of it to the pin curl.
  11. Start taking sections to pin curl as well.
  12. Fix the curls wherever you can and then take a clip.
  13. Just spray so that you can fix the hair.

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