Elegant Bun Hairstyle in 2 minutes

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2 minute bun hairstyle

Today we have hair tutorial to create elegant bun in 2 minutes. Creating elegant bun is so easy. It is also ideal for any party and also super cool for outings. So why not you try to create one for yourself and see how it suits you. A big shout out to the Youtube Chennel MakeupWearables Hairstyles for sharing this hairstyle tutorial.

Without wasting any time let’s get started to create this elegant bun hairstyle:

1. First you need to be sure if your hair is hard to manage then you just need to use hair wax or dry shampoo in your hair.
2. Gently tease your hair on the crown part.
3. Secure this side with the clip and also secure the side of hair.
4. Now work on the rest of the hair. Make a simple pony tail.
5. After making the pony tail, you need to twist the hair grabbing the end of hair.
6. Bring it towards upwards from the opposite hand and wrap it to give a form. You can choose the type of the bun you wished for. You have several options- messy bun, perfect bun or whichever bun you like.
7. Secure the bun with the bobby pin.
8. Now remove the clip from the crown part of the hair and then twist it and bring it towards the bun.
9. You need to notice where you need to take this teased part.
10. If you part your hair on the left side then you need to bring this teased part on the left side and if you are parting your hair from the right side, simply bring it to the left side.
11. Loosen this part after securing it with the bobby pin. It will help creating volume to the bun.
12. Now work on the side hair that you left before.
13. You need to twist the hair but you need to keep this part just above your ears.
14. Now the elegant looking bun is changing into the shaggy bun.
15. You need to tug the hair as it will help to create volume.
16. Finally, the 2 minute elegant bun hairstyle is ready.

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