Easy Summer Hairstyles

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Easy summer hairstyles for short hair

This hairstyle includes three easy and cute summer hairstyles for short hair. If you have short hair and it is hard to manage then, you don’t need to worry. Simply follow the instruction below to have cute and beautiful hair do. This step by step hairstyle tutorial is brought to you by Youtube user ThatsHeart.

Let’s get started and create these quick and easy summer hairstyles:

  1. Brush your hair and make your hair tangles free.
  2. Now grab a section from the front.
  3. Divide the section into two parts.
  4. Then start twisting it. After every twist, we are adding a section of hair.
  5. Twist it over the back.
  6. Continue to twist and add a section and twist it over the back.
  7. Once you reach to the ear side, you need to twist them together.
  8. Then secure this with the help of elastic band.
  9. Now work on the remaining hair by simply doing a French braid.
  10. Incorporate the braid with the French Braid.
  11. Tuck the hair to increase the volume.
  12. Grab a curling iron and then roll the remaining hair. Finally first easy summer hairstyle is done.
  13. For the second hairstyle, use the heating rod and then curl all the hair.
  14. Once you curl your hair, run your fingers through hair.
  15. Generally combing or brushing the hair after curling leaves the curls loose.
  16. So gently run your fingers and twist the hair taking a section of hair. Then secure with the elastic band and your second easy summer hairstyle is done.
  17. Gather all the hair back. And then tie hair with the help of elastic band.
  18. Start tucking the hair. Finally the third hair style for the summer hairstyle is ready.

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